The Rich And Exciting Alicante Culture

The Alicante area is one that is full of rich history and culture. The Alicante culture seems from the Arabian occupation of the western peninsula. At the time Alicante developed as a Mediterranean leading importer of sugar and rice products from the western and Arabian Peninsula. It is therefore not surprising to note that Alicante has a rich and exclusive culture that sets the city apart from all others in Spain.
alicante culture

Music in Alicante makes up an integral part of the acierate culture. The main tunes and dances draw their creativity from all cultures that once settled in Alicante such as the Arabs and westerners. This gives the music in Alicante distinct beats and tunes. This is especially so when one includes tunes that have also included and drawn special parts from the neighbouring communities. It is quite rare to pass by any Alicante establishment and not find traditional Alicante music playing. Music in Alicante is so much part of the culture that the community has formulated competitions that draw international crowds based on traditional Alicante music. Especially during the most famous Alicante festival Hogueras de San Juan. The regional dance show-offs, held every year in Alicante are a must-see for every guest. The competitions last for a week and showcase the talent of the locals as well as international artists. This is a great event to attend.

Teatro Principal de Alicante 2The artistic part of the Alicante culture is showcased through the Alicante theatres and Alicante theatres. The Alicante theatres are some of the most renowned, theatres internationally. They often feature international and local talent and provide an array of interesting stories and theatrics to look forward to. In addition, the cinemas in Alicante provide an opportunity to experience parts of the Alicante culture that make it unique. The cinemas do not just feature international movies but also focus efforts on showcasing local talent. If you are a fan of documentaries and Spanish telenovelas this is the place to be. The best part is that for lovers of telenovelas you are likely to meet the stars of the soap operas live in Alicante theatres and cinemas in Alicante. These establishments which are a great part of the Alicante culture provide a great opportunity to relax with family and friends.

alicante museumsThe Alicante museums are several, each showcasing one part or several of the Alicante culture. From the museum’s architectural design to the interior decorations and art displayed, one is guaranteed to be fascinated by the culture in Alicante. Each of the Alicante museums is either dedicated to a great local artist or the preservation of historical culture in Alicante. When visiting this town take the time to enjoy yourself visiting favourite spots such as the museum and theatre, where you may also be lucky to find musicals which are the most entertaining form of art in Alicante.

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