About Alicante Parks – Canalejas Park

Visit our excellent parks and relax under palm trees, away from the hot beaches in the midday. Despite warm climate and a dry landscape, there are large green areas in the city.

Canalejas Park walk

Canalejas ParkAlicante parks are usually quiet, set apart from the busy city center. You can find a place to relax, enjoy Mediterranean vegetation and spend some time in recreational activities. During warm summer days, a lot of people gather in parks, playing with their children, walking with their dogs, sitting in the shade of palm trees, reading newspapers or enjoying the conversation. Very often, you can watch open-air performances such as concerts of Alicante orchestra.

alicante-canalejasCanalejas Park is the oldest of city parks, created in 1886. Situated near the harbor of Alicante Spain, it connects the city center with Regatta club and Panoramis complex, a place of leisure and entertainment. In front of it, there is a thematic park for kids with a Roman town and other attractions.

parque-canalejas entranceThe entrances of the Canalejas Park are guarded by two pairs of stone sculptures – one of dogs and other of lions. Inside the park you can find several pretty sculptures and fountains and relax in the shade of giant old trees. Each year at the end of February, Canalejas Park is full of young people celebrating the Carnival.


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