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Working with a lawyer and a Benidorm real estate agent, you can locate and purchase a Benidorm property for sale. But why would you want to own a Benidorm property? Benidorm real estate is a valuable investment. Take advantage of the city’s flourishing tourist trade and make money on your property! Benidorm, situated on the Costa Blanca between Valencia and Alicante, is one of the most populous towns in the province—and one of the most renowned holiday resorts in Spain.

Many investors purchase villas, condos, or apartments to rent out to the many tourists to and inhabitants of the city. Others simply want to have a cottage for their family vacations in this remarkable town known for its skyscrapers and impressive scenery. Whatever your reasons for purchasing real estate, Benidorm has something to offer.

Flights to the nearby international airport (El Altet) in Alicante are cheap, especially during the winter months when the tourist trade dies down. The airport is accessible from most major European cities, including Paris, Milan, and Zurich. So don’t be afraid to visit Benidorm several times before you finally decide which Benidorm property to purchase. Spend time in the city’s different neighborhoods. Get to know the Levant, the cobbled streets of the Old Town, and the serene sands on the Poniente side of the city. Which area best suits your needs? Will it be noisy at night, or a little too deserted during the day? How close is it to the beach? to a store? Will you need to perform renovations or install central air? Consult with friends, potential neighbors, and, of course, a lawyer and Benidorm real estate agent.

It’s just as important to find the right lawyer as it is to find the right property. You want your Benidorm real estate purchase to go smoothly and be free of any legal encumbrances. Be sure to read your contract carefully. This is a legal document that states all of your obligations, the obligations of the vendor, and all details of the property. Benidorm has a competitive real estate market, so don’t be afraid to negotiate on pricing. This is also good advice if you plan to rent out your Benidorm property. Like you, tourists will be scouring the internet for good deals and information about all the available accommodations. Be aware of your value’s property and what it has to offer you or potential renters on your vacation to Benidorm.

There are of course other things to consider, depending on whether you are purchasing your Benidorm property to rent to travelers staying for a short time, or if you plan on using it for long-term stays. A studio apartment in a 5th-floor walk-up is fine if you just have to carry a couple of bags up the stairs and sleep there for a few days or weeks, but it’s not ideal for establishing a permanent residence. Consider whether you will want, for example, a pool or ample room for parking. With properties for sale ranging from modest apartments and townhouses to pastoral villas, chalets, and luxury condos, you’re sure to find your dream Benidorm real estate!

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