Today, Alicante is one of the most vibrant and fastest-growing places in Spain. The construction boom is evident in all suburbs of the city. Having a population of more than 700,000 in the metropolitan area it is among the ten largest urban centres of Spain. More than 30,000 of its inhabitants are students, either international or local.

  • Sun, Sea and Selling Houses in 2022

    Sun, Sea, and Selling Houses is a TV series that follows two British families that are Spanish property agents in Spain. It first premiered on television across the UK back in March 2017 on Channel 4. Since then, it has inspired thousands of viewers to decide to buy their dream…

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  • Alicante Fiestas

    Festivals in Alicante 2022

    Join in Alicante’s celebrations and experience a universe of emotions. The year-long calendar is punctuated with a myriad of celebrations. The excitement of Alicante and its inhabitants is evident in the variety of fiestas which make an unforgettable impression. There is a good chance that one of Alicante’s numerous events…

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  • Alicante

    Top 10 Things To Do in Alicante

    Welcome to Alicante – the City of Light that never sleeps. This year is going to be hot and lively. Are you looking for fun and great parties? Alicante is the right place for you. During the summer months of June, July, and August, our city invites you to have…

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  • Excursions from Alicante

    Trips to Elche, Benidorm, Torrevieja, Orihuela Alicante is one of the most popular resorts to stay at along the Costa Blanca – whether you are interested in shopping, eating, sunbathing or simply people-watching beside the wonderful harbor, it has something to offer most tourists. But for those who want to…

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  • Car-hire-Ibiza

    Ibiza on Wheels

    Car Rental in Ibiza A trip to Spain’s Costa Blanca, and gorgeous Alicante, is not complete without being tempted across the Mediterranean to the Balaeric Islands. Famed for its nightclubs and hippy markets, Ibiza is also a World Heritage Site for its stunning scenery and eye-piercing white architecture, as well…

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  • Tabarca Island

    Tabarca Island

    Alicante Tabarca Costa Blanca Tabarca Island is placed about 20 km south of Alicante and about 8 km from Santa Pola. It is a small island just 1800 meters long and 380 wide. Visiting this charming place, you can feel the past of this region, shaped by perpetual fights against…

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  • Economy of Alicante Spain

    The economy of the city of Alicante is based mainly on the service sector, which employs 86% of the workforce in 2007. Among the economic activities performed in Alicante, commerce is the most important, which was historically influenced by the presence of the Mediterranean port. The commercial activities of the…

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  • Alicante Geography, Hills and Beaches

    Alicante (also known as Alacant in Valencian language) is a Spanish town and city, as well as the capital of the province (one of three that make up the Valencian Community, the other two Valencia, and Castellon). Today, it is an important port city on the Mediterranean coast, whose population…

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  • Kilometres Long Alicante Beaches

    Alicante tourist information about Postiguet, San Juan, Albufereta, Urbanova and Cabo de las Huertas Beaches With endless kilometers of beaches and sunny weather all year round, Alicante Costa Blanca is the perfect place for meeting with the Mediterranean. Here you can find some of the best Spain beaches. You can…

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  • University of Alicante Spain – Universidad de Alicante

    For many years, Spain has always been regarded as a seat of higher education. Indeed, there are thousands of international students who journey to Spain for education. Not only is the country respected for its educational system but also for its top-class educators. No wonder, the number of international students…

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  • working on beach

    Jobs in Alicante – Finding a Job in Spain

    Like in any other part of Europe, finding a job in Spain is not that easy. With its picturesque scenery, warm climate, vibrant economy and wonderful community, Alicante Spain is a great place to work. A visit to Alicante will give you a sense of the kind of lifestyle there…

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  • Alicante Restaurants and Tapas Bars

    Alicante Tourist Information about Local Cuisine Restaurants, Explanada Promenade and International Food One of the first things you will notice in Alicante Spain is that the city is full of diverse bars, pubs and restaurants. Whether in the city center or in suburbs, you can have a snack or take…

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