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    Restaurants in Benidorm

    Tourist Information for Benidorm Restaurants,Local Cuisine, Fast Food, and more Benidorm, the touristic capital of the Alicante province, offers you a variety of diverse restaurants. Ready to try something local? Spanish food and famous paella? Or, perhaps, you like traditional European kitchen? Italian, French, German, or Greek taste? Maybe something…

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  • Restaurants in Elche

    Visiting Elche – The City of Palm Trees – you can have dinner in a unique atmosphere. Surrounded by a huge orchard of more than 200,000 palm trees, Elche is a perfect place for short excursions from Alicante. Many restaurants in Elche offer you traditional local cuisine. Try typical Mediterranean…

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  • Restaurants in Villajoyosa

    As in the rest of the province of Alicante, the cuisine of Villajoyosa is based mainly on rice, fish, and vegetables. Typical dishes are Arroz a banda (rice), stews, fried fish in all its varieties, salted fish, seafood, shrimps and squid, and definitely paella. So much for main dishes, because…

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  • International Alicante Restaurants

    Alicante as a top tourist destination and a Mediterranean port – offers you a blend of many cultures. Its multicultural character is best reflected in numerous international restaurants. Eat your favourite dish – try spicy Mexican or Indian food, enjoy Japanese sushi or Argentinian meat dishes.        …

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    Chinese Alicante Restaurants

    There are more than twenty Chinese restaurants in Alicante. They are very popular and always full of people in the evening. The food is very good and the prices are low. Chinese restaurants are the favourite choice of both locals and foreigners. Typical Chinese menu costs less than 10 euros…

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  • Turkish Alicante Restaurants – Alicante Doner Kebab

    There are a lot of Turkish restaurants in Alicante. Typical menu includes döner kebab with beef, chicken or vegetarian; falafel; lahmacun (Turkish pizza); various salads; baklava (Turkish dessert) and a large choice of drinks (try always fresh Turkish ayran).               Istanbul Doner Kebab Address:…

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  • International Fast Food Alicante Restaurants

    If you are looking for a quick snack in Alicante information provided on this page will be of great help to you. There are numerous, well-known fast-food restaurants – most of them situated in the Old Town or in shopping malls. You can choose among hamburgers and cheeseburgers, fried chicken…

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  • Alicante tapas

    Tapas Restaurants – Tapas Bars

    If you like Spanish tapas, Alicante offers you numerous tapas restaurants and bars. You can find them all over the city, while the majority is situated in the Old Town. Tapas – those small and tasty appetizers – are served with a drink (a glass of wine or beer) and…

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  • Spanish Restaurants in Alicante

    There are a lot of Spanish restaurants in Alicante, offering delicious Mediterranean dishes that are so typical for Costa Blanca and Valencia area. The most famous meal is paella (a rice dish with meat, seafood and/or vegetables) and its local version paella alicantina. You can also try various seafood plates…

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