Cheap Package Holidays to Benidorm Spain

Benidorm is located in Alicante Province and a coastal town almost 50 kilometers northeast of Alicante City. This city is often called the “Manhattan of Spain” or “Beniyork” due to the many tall buildings that it has.

Cheap package holidays to Benidorm are well promoted – it is actually here that package tourism is thought to have started. When one mentions package tour, there is this overlaying thought that it is on a budget which is actually the intent. So in Benidorm, cheap holidays can be had due to its approach to tourism.

Enjoy Cheap Holidays to Benidorm

One of the main reason why tourist goes for cheap holidays in Benidorm is its beautiful beaches and the two that is always mentioned is Playa Levante and Playa Poniente. The beaches are known for their cleanliness and have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag by the European Union.
In Benidorm, bargain holidays are possible due to the present global economic conditions. One of the first things that people do is cut non-essential costs like taking holidays including going to Benidorm. “Cheap holiday Spain” comes to mind for people even in good times for those who are in a country whose currency is stronger than Spain’s. Now even the citizens of these countries are having a second thought of taking a holiday anywhere.

If you do have the resources though, why not have a cheap vacation? You’ll come back rejuvenated and more productive and you can always have the excuse that you are helping the local economy of the place you’re going to with the money you spend there (which is actually true).

As mentioned earlier Benidorm has lots of tall buildings be it apartments or hotels. You will not see tall building headquarters of large companies. The “Manhattan-like” skyline is primarily due to tourism. It’s a significant chunk of the local economy. Of course, the dynamics of supply and demand come to play. If you have low tourist arrival the supply of rooms or apartments is high, the only way to increase the demand is to lower the price. This situation is true even in good times.

The best approach of course is to do some research, check for the best prices you can get like by surfing the net and comparing the room prices of hotels, or the prices of apartments. Of course, while you want cheap there should be value for money too; if the place is crappy and you don’t enjoy your vacation then its money not well spent. Checking internet forums/posts may be of help to know about a particular hotel or place.

Consider also your entire approach to your vacation, bus is certainly cheaper than taking a taxi, so factor this in starting from getting off Alicante airport and when you go about town. If you want to eat inexpensive places don’t expect big savings. Food is a big cost item. One piece of advice is to check where the locals and foreign residents eat, they know the situation better. Self-catering is one way to save but check things like half or even full board which may come out cheaper in the end.

Consider of course seasonality; don’t expect things to be cheap during summer and holidays including school holidays. These are some things to think about when having an enjoyable cheap holiday in Benidorm.

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