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Learn Colors in Spanish

A list of Spanish color words translated to English:

Blanco – White
Negro – Black
Azul – Blue
Rojo – Red
Verde – Green
Amarillo – Yellow
Marrón – Brown
Naranja – Orange
Violeta – Violet
Morado – Purple
Dorado – Gold
Plateado – Silver
Gris – Grey
Rosado, – Color de rosa Pink
Turquesa – Turquoise
Azúl cielo. Celeste – Sky blue
Azúl marino – Navy
Color mostaza – Mustard
Magenta – Magenta
Castaño – Golden brown
Pardo – Grayish brown
Esmeralda – Emerald
Verde olivo – Olive green

A list of Spanish words for patterns and shades
Oscuro – Dark
Claro – Light
Cuadrado. (Escocesa) – Plaid
Rayado. A rayas. – Striped
Estampado – With a Pattern (image, floral, abstract, geometrical, etc)

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