Festivals in Alicante 2022

Know more about traditional, cultural festivals, fairs, events in Alicante, Spain.

Join in Alicante’s celebrations and experience a universe of emotions. The year-long calendar is punctuated with a myriad of celebrations. The excitement of Alicante and its inhabitants is evident in the variety of fiestas which make an unforgettable impression. There is a good chance that one of Alicante’s numerous events will occur during your visit.

Alicante’s celebrations are definitely among the best things this warm and friendly Mediterranean city offers.

The Fogueres de Sant Joan Festival

One of the most significant occasions in the city’s calendar. The festival is officially declared as being an event of international Tourist Interest and its roots are in the tradition of burning objects that are useless to mark the arrival in the season of winter solstice. This is the biggest festival, which begins around the 20th of June and runs through to the 29th of June.

It is a holiday that is dedicated to fire, which includes occasions like The Proclamation (The Pregon), the setting up of fires (the Planta), the procession of the burning effigies (Cabalgata in the Ninot) parades, procession events in the various neighbourhoods of the city. It also has the major event on or around the 24th of June which is the day of the feast for Saint John Baptist, when massive satirical sculptures made from wood and cardboard are lit on fire. These Hogueras de San Juan include one of the largest bullfighting celebrations in Spain. When the main celebrations have ended the Hogueras de San Juan will be followed by the fireworks show in the vicinity of Coco beach at the extreme side of Postiguet Beach each night, until the celebration of Saint Peter.

From 20th to 29th of June, be sure to check the official tourism website for the exact dates.

The Carnival

The main event of Carnival of Alicante (Saturday Ramblero) takes its name from one of the major avenues of Alicante: the Rambla. The Rambla is crowded with costumed revelers for this evening of celebration. Costumes are available to purchase or make at home to celebrate the occasion, or constructed from rags they’re all fantastic. You can dance all night in your costume. The people of Alicante are extremely welcoming, charming and enjoyable and you are free to relax and enjoy yourself.

February or March, be sure to check the official tourism website for the exact dates.

Holy Week

Holy Week Easter celebrations begin with Palm Sunday, giving way to a week-long procession of around 30 guilds and brotherhoods. Most well-known and emotional is the parade through the steep, narrow roads in Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz neighbourhood on the Wednesday preceding Easter Sunday.

March or April, be sure to check the official tourism website for the exact dates.

Moors and Christians

The fiestas are held in various areas of the city all through the time of the year. They remember in a festive manner the wars that were fought among Christians and Muslims in the 13th century in order to conquer the province’s land.

Certain neighbourhoods of the city devote a few days to the festival. It’s an excellent occasion to experience one of the eastern coasts of Spain’s most well-known traditions.

San Blas District is during July and the Altozano District in August, be sure to check the official tourism website for the exact dates.


The Christmas season is an very special season when it is the time when Alicante, Alicante shines bright and shining. If you plan to visit for just a few days, or are visiting Alicante at this time of the year, you’ll want to know that Alicante has a wonderful time with various events and activities, which means you will have plenty to do and experience. The children are the kings these times and the range of activities for families is extensive.

From December 24 to January 6, be sure to check the official tourism website for the exact dates.

Santa Faz Pilgrimage

The second Thursday after Maundy Thursday, the famous pilgrimage called La Peregrina to the Santa Faz Monastery occurs. The monastery is located 7 km from the centre of Alicante It is also the place where, according to legend the cloth which Veronica utilized to dry her face of Christ in the path of the Cross is kept.

April or May, be sure to check the official tourism website for the exact dates.

Other festivals that are traditional in Alicante

In the course of the year, the people of Alicante have their streets decorated with vibrant decorations and organize a variety of fiestas to mark the traditional celebrations; Las Cruces de Mayo or Porrate San Antonio, the festival that is Virgen del Remedio, Festivity of Tabarca Island, San Nicolas, Festivity of El Raval Roig, and many others.


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