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When an individual or a family decides to travel to Benidorm for holiday, finding out where to have fun is definitely not a challenge.
With the rich and exciting Benidorm nightlife and all of the popular bars in Benidorm, adults can be rest assured that lots of fun are going to be had.

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There are many bars for those seeking a nice drink, nice music, dancing, fun in Benidorm, and a great atmosphere.

For the younger crowd, Champions, located in central Benidorm in the Levante region, is a great bar with arcade games, pool tables, live sporting events, food served all day, and of course great drinks, music, and prices. There is even a kid’s party every night from 8pm-11pm!
For patrons looking to have a drink or listen to music in a more relaxed atmosphere, then the Belroy Lounge Bar, located at the Belroy Hotel may be the perfect spot to unwind during a day of shopping and sightseeing. These are just a couple of the many bars in Benidorm. There is a bar in Benidorm to suit any ones wants and needs.

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Poniente beachNot only can a family, a couple, or an individual have fun in Benidorm at one of the many bars and pubs, but also the beaches of Benidorm offer lots of fun in the sun and relaxation at the same time. Levante beach is fantastically clean, full of beauty, and also commonly called “sunrise beach”. This beach is very lively and can often be crowded, but the more the merrier! The Poniente beach to the west of Levante beach is very big, and also not as crowded, but certainly not any less amazing. And there is also the Malpas beach, which is a smaller beach, and more suitable for those wanting a little more relaxation.

Of course, when on holiday people enjoy sampling different types of food, so the Benidorm restaurants offer up several varieties of cuisine. From delicious Spanish cuisine to Fast food such as hamburgers and French fries, there are hundreds of options for growling bellies.

Traveling to Benidorm is a wonderful way to enjoy holidays, a honeymoon, or any type of getaway for families and couples. Whether you travel to Benidorm for the Benidorm nightlife or just the whole wonderful experience, you and/or your family are sure to be pleased and want to return time and time again. Once the holiday is over you and your family may not even want to leave Benidorm.

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