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Like in any other part of Europe, finding a job in Spain is not that easy. With its picturesque scenery, warm climate, vibrant economy and wonderful community, Alicante Spain is a great place to work. A visit to Alicante will give you a sense of the kind of lifestyle there is in the city: food, fun, nightlife, beaches and parties. They are simply what you look for in a place of work; but despite the inviting environment of the city, those who are employed there know that Alicante jobs mean hard work.

For international students, finding a job in Alicante, even part-time, can be rewarding. Not only can it help them with their finances, but it also offers a chance to improve their Spanish language proficiency as well as their resume. There are some part-time jobs that also help with their field of study. For example, students on postgraduate courses can find part-time jobs as researchers. Students hone their skills and knowledge in their field of expertise and, at the same time, earn a wage.
However, students shouldn’t expect to find an easy job. Work in Alicante for international students is just the same as that of the locals, meaning that you will have to labour as hard as they do. Usually, the jobs that Alicante offers to international students require them to be proficient in English.

Here are some of the most interesting jobs in Alicante for English speakers. You can make the most of these job opportunities:

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Jobs at Alicante Airport
The bustling economy and tourism industry of Alicante Spain has swelled the number of flight arrivals to the city. Among the daily Alicante flight arrivals, international travellers, including businessmen and tourists, make up a significant part. As such, international students with English as their native language have a better chance of landing jobs in Alicante Airport. You can apply for part-time jobs, such as flight attendant, teller, receptionist or clerk. Since English is accepted as the universal mode of communication, English speakers have an edge over other applicants. Take note, however, that employers may have reservations with international students especially as they know that your visa limits the approved hours of work, as well the overall duration of your contract.

Jobs at Schools or Universities
While studying in Alicante, international students can apply for job openings right in their host school. Some Alicante summer jobs offered in schools and universities include associate researcher, English tutor, office clerk or intern. Compared with other employment opportunities available for international students, educational institutions are more lenient with the hiring and selection process. You can check with your school for job openings that meet your qualifications. Summer jobs in Alicante are ideal for international students taking up short-term courses such as studying the Spanish language. The time you are able to spend working at these jobs is dependent on your free time.

Jobs in the Property Market Industry
With the growing number of ex-pats in Alicante, the property market industry is also changing its way of selling its products. There are lots of British and English speaking clients based in Alicante. International students with a high level of proficiency in English can make the most of this advantage. There are lots of Alicante-based companies in the property market industry that prefer English-speaking international students. Since native speakers can articulate well, they can effectively carry out the marketing and sales strategies of Spanish companies.

Jobs in the Tourism Industry
Alicante’s tourism industry has great opportunities for international students. Although jobs in the tourism industry are seasonal, they prove to be just right for students. Some part-time jobs that international students can apply for include travel and tours representatives, clerks at hotels, catering jobs, promoting bars and clubs, and cleaning jobs. Students with ample numbers of vacant hours have plenty of opportunities to work at these jobs. Many hotels and tourism facilities need extra manpower, especially during tourism’s peak seasons.

Jobs in Alicante Spain are very varied for international students. The city has a diverse economy that opens up lots of employment opportunities. If you are staying in Alicante for a few months, you can try applying for these interesting jobs. Depending on your educational background and skills, applying for part-time jobs can really help you with your finances. Alicante Spain is not only a wonderful place to study, but it is also a great place to work and develop your career.


Hi, I'm Katy, a British blogger who now lives on the Costa Blanca, Spain.As you can guess I love Spain and love writing about all of the great things to do here. From the amazing beaches, the beautiful mountain ranges, the stunning towns and cities and the lively bars and restaurants, there is so much to do here. Every day is a good day here in Spain.

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