Map of Barcelona Spain

Barcelona map

Use this large Barcelona map to easily orient yourself in this cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia, north-eastern Spain.

  • Barcelona city – center
  • Barcelona airport – south
  • Sant Cugat del Valles – north
  • Badalona – north-east
  • highways: E–9, E-90, E-15, A-2, AP-7
  • B-10, B-20, B-23, C-17, C-31 and C-32

Barcelona Weather
Having sunny summers and enjoyable mild winters, rich in culture and history, Barcelona is the ideal place to spend your vacations on the Mediterranean.

Travel Barcelona Spain
Barcelona is today’s one of the best cities around the world. According to several lifestyle magazines, aside from being the fourth most prosperous city in the European countries in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the city also holds the title of being the Top 16 among the “Best Cities to Live” across the whole world.

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