Map of Zaragoza Spain

Zaragoza map

Use this large Zaragoza Spain map to easily orient yourself in the capital of Aragon, north-eastern Spain.

  • highways: Z-40, A-23, A-68, A-2, E-90, E-804 and E-7
  • autopista Vasco-Aragonesa

Travel Zaragoza Spain
Are you looking for a place in Spain where you can be at the heart of different major cities? Then your search is over. Your wish will be granted if you will travel to Zaragoza. It is a very warm and pleasing town that is strategically situated between major Spanish cities.

If you like exploring and discovering new places, Spain is full of surprises, great treasures, and hidden gems. Having holidayed in Alicante, you could make short trips to the marvelous cities of Valencia, Elche, and Murcia and also visit the ancient ruins of Cartagena.


Hi, I'm Katy, a British blogger who now lives on the Costa Blanca, Spain.As you can guess I love Spain and love writing about all of the great things to do here. From the amazing beaches, the beautiful mountain ranges, the stunning towns and cities and the lively bars and restaurants, there is so much to do here. Every day is a good day here in Spain.

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