Other Alicante Hotels

In addition to luxury hotels, Alicante offers you a wide range of relatively cheaper accommodations with good price-to-quality ratio.
Most of lower priced hotels are situated in the city center, while several of them could be found in the peripheral suburbs or close to nearby Alicante airport.

Check the following list for reasonably priced good quality hotels with lower star ratings.

3 star Alicante hotels
Abba Centrum Alicante
Campanile Alicante
Castilla Alicante
Daniya Alicante
Express By Holiday Inn Alicante
Gravina 5
Kris Alicante
La City Hotel
Nh Cristal
Tryp Ciudad de Alicante
Estudiotel Alicante

2 star Alicante hotels
Goya de Alicante

If you are travelling in a larger organized group, check the possibility of group booking and if there are discounts available.

Holidays in Alicante Spain
Other Alicante hotels


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