Restaurants in Villajoyosa

As in the rest of the province of Alicante, the cuisine of Villajoyosa is based mainly on rice, fish, and vegetables. Typical dishes are Arroz a banda (rice), stews, fried fish in all its varieties, salted fish, seafood, shrimps and squid, and definitely paella. So much for main dishes, because in terms of dessert, chocolate is the king. Chocolate is the most famous product of Villajoyosa – worldwide known Chocolate Valor.

Spanish restaurants in Villajoyosa:

Casa Elordi
Avda. Juan Carlos 1, No 3
La Marina
Avda. del Puerto
Avda. del Puerto
El Hogar del Pescador
Avda. del Pais Valenciano
La Teula Negra
Calle Paraiso, 24
Calle Mestre Andres Server 1
El Rincon de Cadiz Pinet El Pescador
Calle Pya Estudiantes A 0
El Nautic
Avenida Puerto 0
la Guitarra
Avda. Doctor Jose Maria Esquerdo 10
Le Cabanon
Calle Doctor Alvaro Esquerdo 6

Chinese Villajoyosa Restaurants:

Gran Muralla
Avenida Pais Valencia 32
Calle Pizarro 6
Hong Kong
Carretera Valencia 19

Pizzerias in Villajoyosa:

las Palmeras
Calle Pizarro 1
Pizzas Liberty
Avenida Puerto 0
Pizzeria Rosi
Plaza Generalitat 14
Hazzme Pizza
Calle Colon 114
Calle Cervantes 13

Other Restaurants in Villajoyosa:

Gimenez Mayor
Avenida Pianista Gonzalo Soriano 9
Monica Alfaro Elordi
Avenida Rei Juan Carlos I 3
El Mariachi
Colón 72
Avenida Pais Valencia 35
Avda Puerto Bajo 6

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