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Are you looking for a paradise-like beach? Then stop searching for the beaches of tropical Asia. Don’t look too far because you can find this in Spain, specifically in San Sebastian.

Experience The Paradise-like Beach at San Sebastian

San Sebastian Spain is the only city that is qualified to boast of its best beach among the plenty of beach resorts in Europe. Going there will certainly provide you the most unique holiday as you are able to leisurely go skiing or join the San Sebastian festival, which is one of the most awaited events in the city. Furthermore, you can enjoy lots of other activities and experiences that you can brag about to your co-workers when you get back to your hometown. This is because it is an exquisite experience to enjoy sunbathing under the sun while you are just right next to magnificent historical sites of the world.

Being simply a small city that is subdivided into three pseudo-districts, you can roam around the city in just several days. You can enjoy taking pictures at selected sites and involve yourself in several recreational activities in these three (3) districts. These districts are the Old Town (also known as the Parte Vieja), the Gros, and the Centro.

So, when you travel to San Sebastian, what are the important things that you need to consider? Well, some of the aspects that you need to consider are the activities you can do during your stay in the city, the places you can roam around, the foods that you need to taste, as well as the special drinks and cocktails that you need to try. Lastly, the most important thing to consider is the means of transportation to go there.

In terms of activities that you can try in order to further make your stay in the city extra enjoyable, some of these are surfing, hiking, tennis and squashing, kayaking, skiing and, of course, sightseeing at different parks. You can also enjoy sunbathing at two major beaches on the city’s coast, which are the La Concha (located in the western part of the city) and La Zurriola (which is situated in the eastern part of the old town). If you would like to go surfing, you can do so at La Zurriola since the waves are much better there. On the other hand, if you like to go water skiing, you are advised to enjoy the calmer water of La Concha beach.

If you like to go hiking, the statue of Christ is already waiting for you at the top of a mountain, which is located between the two beaches mentioned above.

On the matter of finding the right time to visit the city, and San Sebastian Guide and travel brochures will surely assist you to decide. You can schedule your vacation on any festival in San Sebastian, which is being conducted every year. Some of the festivals that you can check out are the San Sebastian Day, the Aste Nagusia or Semana Grande, the most anticipated Basque Week, as well as the Caldereros.

San Sebastian Day is among the plenty of much-anticipated events in the city. This is being conducted every 20th of January. This festival is also commonly named the Tamborrada.


Hi, I'm Katy, a British blogger who now lives on the Costa Blanca, Spain.As you can guess I love Spain and love writing about all of the great things to do here. From the amazing beaches, the beautiful mountain ranges, the stunning towns and cities and the lively bars and restaurants, there is so much to do here. Every day is a good day here in Spain.

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