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Spain Passport Control Phrases – Spain Customs

A list of phrases and terms you will need at
the Spain customs and passport control:

Voy de vacaciones a Alicante. – I am going on holiday to Alicante.
He venido de viaje de negocios. – I am on a business trip.
No tengo nada que declarar. – I have nothing to declare.
Esto es para uso personal. – This is for private use.
No sé cuánto tiempo me quedaré aquí. – I do not know how long I will be staying here.
Me quedaré dos semanas. – I am staying for two weeks.

You could hear at the Spain passport control:

Su pasaporte, por favor. – Your passport, please.
Puede abrir esto? – Could you open this?
Tiene algo que declarar? – Do you have anything to declare?
Su tarjeta de embarque, por favor. – Your boarding card, please.
Su permiso de circulación, por favor. – Your vehicle documents, please.
Adónde va? – Where are you going?
Cuánto tiempo piensa quedarse? – How long are you planning to stay?

List of Spanish words related to the customs and passport control:

pasaporte – passport
control de pasaporte – passport control
aduana – customs
policía – police
paso de la frontera – border crossing
llegadas – arrivals
salidas – departures
entrada – entrance
salida – exit
billetes – tickets
artículos libres de impuestos – duty free

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