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Spanish Greetings – Useful Spanish Phrases

 Basic Spanish greetings and other useful phrases in social communications

Meeting people in Spain:

Hola – Hello
¡Qué hay! – Hi
Buenos días – Good morning
Buenas tardes – Good afternoon
Buenas noches – Good evening. Good night.
¿Qué tal? – How are you?
Hola, mucho gusto. – How do you do?
Encantado de conocerle. – Pleased to meet you.

Farewell phrases in Spanish:

Adiós – Goodbye
Bueno, me voy. – I’d better be going.
Hasta luego. – Buy.
Hasta pronto. – See you soon.
Hasta ahora. – See you.
Hasta mañana. – See you tomorrow.
Que descanse. – Sleep well.
Hasta la semana que viene. – See you next week.

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