Tabarca Island

Alicante Tabarca Costa Blanca

Tabarca Island is placed about 20 km south of Alicante and about 8 km from Santa Pola. It is a small island just 1800 meters long and 380 wide.

Visiting this charming place, you can feel the past of this region, shaped by perpetual fights against pirates. There is a small local port and a picturesque village nearby, fortified by old walls from the 18th century. The places of historical interest in Alicante Tabarca are the gates of San Gabriel, San Miguel, and San Rafael, the House of Governor (reconstructed as a hotel), and the old baroque Church of San Pedro y Pablo. If you like art, visit the Museum with a rich collection of miniature oil paintings on small rocks. Outside the village, in the fields, there is a defensive tower of San José (used as a state prison in the past).

Tabarca san pedro church

However, the most important aspect of the island of Tabarca is its rich Mediterranean flora and fauna. It is officially declared as a protected natural reserve (Reserva Marina de la Isla de Tabarca). Transparent and clear waters, a rocky beach with several coves, and a fantastic submarine world make Tabarca Alicante an ideal place for various water activities (in order to get permission, call Tel 963 866 000).

Tabarca Costa Blanca is a perfect destination for short one-day excursions from Alicante. Once there, take a walk along the island and enjoy the untouched nature with a large community of birds. In the village, you can have lunch and try traditional Spanish food in one of the local restaurants with open-air terraces. The most popular dishes are fresh fish, octopus, shrimp, and other seafood, as well as paella (traditional rice dish). If you decide to stay on the island, there are also several hotels and apartment houses.


Restaurants on Tabarca Alicante:

  • Amparín
    (965 970 734)
  • Anita
    (965 960 734)
  • El tío Collonet
    (965 970 599)
  • Gloria Playa
    (965 960 378)
  • Gloria
    (965 970 584)
  • La Almadraba
    (965 970 587)
  • La Caleta
    (965 970 810)
  • Los Pescadores
    (965 960 650)
  • Mar Azul
    (965 960 101)
  • Rincón de Ramos
    (965 970 581)
  • Rincón de Ramos Playa
    (965 961 144)
  • Sharky (Burguer)
    (965 970 577)

Boat lines to island of Tabarca:

  • Santa Pola – Tabarca
    Travel time: 20 minutes
    608 330 422
    639 893 920
    689 123 623
  • Alicante – Tabarca
    Travel time: 45 min
    965 216 396
    686 994 538

Fast Boat-Taxi lines:

  • Barco-taxi “América”
    Travel time: 15 min
    Tel: 650 271 023
    Manolo “El Fava”
  • Barco-taxi “El Llop Mari”
    Travel time: 15 min
    Tel: 696 910 483
  • Barco-taxi “Veloz”
    Travel time: 15 min
    Tel: 637 553 257

Accommodation on Tabarca Island:

  • Hotel Casa del Gobernador
    2 stars
    Tel: 965 961 272
  • Hostal Masín
    1 star
    Tel: 965 960 509
  • Nuevo Hostal Masín
    Tel: 676 974 423
  • Hotel La Trancada
    1 star
  • Hostal El Chiqui
    1 star
    Tel: 696 910 484 and 965 970 143
  • Casa “Pedro de la Ossa”
    Tel: 606 181 639 and 965 414 030
  • Casas de Diseño
    Tel: 617 092 914

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