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Train Travel in Spain Phrases

Use these Spanish phrases when taking trains in Spain. A guide for rail travel in Spain.

A list of questions you could ask when using Spain trains:

Dónde está la estación de trenes? / Dónde está RENFE? – Where is the train station?
Dónde puedo comprar los billetes? – Where can I buy tickets?
Dónde puedo hacer una reserva? – Where can I make a reservation?
Quiero un billete de ida a Madrid. – I want a single ticket to Madrid.
Quiero un billete de ida y vuelta a Valencia. – I want a return ticket to Valensia.
Quiero reservar una plaza en un coche cama a Bilbao. – I want to reserve a berth in the sleeper to Bilbao.
Tiene abonos semanales? – Do you have weekly season tickets?
Tiene abonos mensuales? – Do you have monthly season tickets?
Este tren va directo? – Is this a direct train?
Tengo que hacer transbordo? – Do I have to change the train?
De que andén sale? – Which platform?
Cuánto tarda a llegar? – How long does it take?
A qué hora llega a Barcelona? – What time does it arrive to Barselona?
Este es el tren para Murcia? – Is this the train for Murcia?
Dónde puedo dejar el equipaje? – Where can put the luggage?

Trains Spain – what could you hear:
Qué día sale? – When are you travelling?
Adónde quiere ir? – Where do you want to go?
Tiene que pagar un suplemeto. – You have to pay a supplement.
Tiene que hacer un transbordo en Valencia. – You have to change in Valensia.
Billetes, por favor. – Tickets, please.
Su reserva, por favor. – Your reservation, please.
Se ha equivocado de asiento. – You are in the wrong seat.
Este asiento está reservado. – This seat is reserved.
El tren tiene un retraso. – This train is delayed.

Spain rail travel – A list of words:

llegadas – arrivals
salidas – departures
anulado – cancelled
con retraso – delayed
en hora – on time
cafetería – cafeteria
andén – platform
bajar – to get off
billete – ticket
coche cama – sleeper car
coche restaurante – buffet car
compartimento – compartment
consignas – left-luggage
equipaje – luggage
estación – terminal
freno de emergencia – emergency brake
horario – timetable
ida – one-way
jefe de estación – station master
litera bed, – berth
marcar un billete – to validate a ticket
parada – stop
pasaje subterráneo – subway
pasillo – passage
primera clase – first class
reserva – reservation
retraso – delay
revisor – inspector
sala de espera – waiting room
subir – to get on
suplemento – supplement
tren – train
tren alta velocidad – high-speed train
tren de cercanías – local train
viajero – passanger
vuelta – return
zona fumadores – smoking area

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