Turkish Alicante Restaurants – Alicante Doner Kebab

There are a lot of Turkish restaurants in Alicante. Typical menu includes döner kebab with beef, chicken or vegetarian; falafel; lahmacun (Turkish pizza); various salads; baklava (Turkish dessert) and a large choice of drinks (try always fresh Turkish ayran).

doner kebap el sultan polidoro kebab








Istanbul Doner Kebab
Address: Padre Mariana street 23, 03004 Alicante Spain
Tel: +34 966 149 235‎

Address: at the corner of Rambla Avenue and San Fernando street

Address: Explada promenade, close to Alicante Casino and Penelope bar

La Alhambra
Address: Castaños street 4, 03001 Alicante Spain
at the corner with San Francisco street
Tel: +34 965 204 476

Address: General Primo de Rivera street
close to the beginning of Rambla Avenue
Tel: +34 965 21 91 03

Address: at the corner of San Jose street and Abad Peñalva square
(close to the Concathedral of Saint Nicholas)

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